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merpty. conversations can be fun.

Stray10upYourGay: i'm just back.
andyjcbrite: same here
Stray10upYourGay: i see.
Stray10upYourGay: hmm..
Stray10upYourGay: well,
Stray10upYourGay: this is quite a situation we have here, then isn't it?
andyjcbrite: what is, may i ask
Stray10upYourGay: well,
Stray10upYourGay: since I just got back,
Stray10upYourGay: and YOU just got back,
Stray10upYourGay: we have to decide which of us gets to claim the mayor's daughter as the ritual fucking-ho.
Stray10upYourGay: for our rival cults.
andyjcbrite: what a predicament
Stray10upYourGay: yes.
andyjcbrite: does this mean we'll have to have an epic battle in where the supreme warrior gets the fucking-ho as his own?
Stray10upYourGay: well, technically,
Stray10upYourGay: she's not the fucking-ho just yet.
Stray10upYourGay: she's the mayor's daughter.
Stray10upYourGay: we both want her as our own fucking-ho.
Stray10upYourGay: so,
Stray10upYourGay: the winner claims her as his cult's official fucking-ho, yes.
andyjcbrite: i understand
andyjcbrite: if we battle, than so be it.
andyjcbrite: but i must warn you, i have no training or skills what so ever
Stray10upYourGay: exactly.
Stray10upYourGay: ha.
Stray10upYourGay: one point for the davester.
andyjcbrite: so a victory on your behalf with a good chance
Stray10upYourGay: hell shitting yes.
andyjcbrite: unless by some insane act of god, you're stuck dead by lightening
Stray10upYourGay: hmm...
Stray10upYourGay: that would be sucky, now, wouldn't it?
andyjcbrite: yeah, i'd say lets hope that doesn't happen but then i would be the one to lose this battle
Stray10upYourGay: yes.
Stray10upYourGay: so,
Stray10upYourGay: I'LL say, "let's hope that doesn't happen."
Stray10upYourGay: let's hope that doesn't happen.
andyjcbrite: ok, maybe it'd be easier if i just lay down right here and pretend to be dead
Stray10upYourGay: no.
andyjcbrite: so throwing the fight won't work
Stray10upYourGay: because then i wouldn't have the satisfaction of decimating you.
Stray10upYourGay: nope.
andyjcbrite: i see, well when i die you won't be albe to take over my cult minions because i have a back up plan
andyjcbrite: they will ritualistically kill themselves
Stray10upYourGay: like i want your incestuous cult members anywho.
andyjcbrite: there is nothing wrong with my cult
Stray10upYourGay: ...
andyjcbrite: your members on the other hand, are another story
Stray10upYourGay: riiiiight.
Stray10upYourGay: hey man, my members undergo a fierce screening session before permitted entry.
Stray10upYourGay: i'm talking 6 separate background checks,
Stray10upYourGay: all sorts of drug/disease testing,
Stray10upYourGay: dick measuring
Stray10upYourGay: (it has some surprising benefits),
andyjcbrite: but they have no work ethic
Stray10upYourGay: ...way to not let me finish.
andyjcbrite: alot of them are up at all hours of the night making noise and keeping my cult up at night
Stray10upYourGay: work ethic apptitude test,
andyjcbrite: well they must have cheated on that test
Stray10upYourGay: that's part of our diversionary tactics force.
Stray10upYourGay: that IS their job.
Stray10upYourGay: to keep you guys up at all hours of the night.
Stray10upYourGay: and apparently,
Stray10upYourGay: they do it well.
Stray10upYourGay: fucking loser with a stupid, incestuous cult.
Stray10upYourGay: i am so much better than you in every conceivable way.
Stray10upYourGay: i swear to god.
Stray10upYourGay: it's not even funny.
Stray10upYourGay: ...wait.
Stray10upYourGay: ah haha. yes! yes, it is!
Stray10upYourGay: it's quite funny!
Stray10upYourGay: HAHAHA!
andyjcbrite: i'm failing to see the humor here
Stray10upYourGay: ...ahhh...
Stray10upYourGay: that's because you suck goat.
Stray10upYourGay: but not in the cool way, like my cult.
andyjcbrite: i'll admit that i am not a good cult leader
Stray10upYourGay: good.
andyjcbrite: my hearts not in the right place
Stray10upYourGay: now, prepare to die for claiming rights to the mayor's daughter.
andyjcbrite: before you kill me, let me tell you something
andyjcbrite: i've always been competing with you since we were children
Stray10upYourGay: yes.
Stray10upYourGay: this is true.
andyjcbrite: from soap box durby's to tree forts
andyjcbrite: and when i heard you created your own cult
andyjcbrite: i admit that i was jealous
andyjcbrite: and i wanted to start my own
andyjcbrite: but i just couldn't keep up
Stray10upYourGay: :'(
Stray10upYourGay: stop it, andrew. you're getting me all teary-eyed.
Stray10upYourGay: :'(
andyjcbrite: :-( i'm so sorry
Stray10upYourGay: ::sniffle:: i know.
Stray10upYourGay: i know, pal.
andyjcbrite: so you forgive me?
Stray10upYourGay: ::clears nose::
Stray10upYourGay: FORGIVE YOU??
Stray10upYourGay: ha!
Stray10upYourGay: i now have all the more reason to DESTROY YOU!
Stray10upYourGay: you made me show weakness.
Stray10upYourGay: i never show weakness.
Stray10upYourGay: it's a sign of weakness.
Stray10upYourGay: therefore, any who see me in weakness must be disposed of immediately.
Stray10upYourGay: i'm sorry, dear old friend,
Stray10upYourGay: but you die now.
andyjcbrite: but now i'll never achieve my life long dream of opening up a pool hall
Stray10upYourGay: ...hmm...
Stray10upYourGay: okay, i'll cut you a deal.
Stray10upYourGay: you give up all rights to the mayor's daughter,
Stray10upYourGay: eradicate that quasi-organized blaspheme of a cult,
Stray10upYourGay: and i'll let you live in servitude to me, open your pool hall, and live happily ever after.
Stray10upYourGay: i'd let you do all that.
Stray10upYourGay: how does that sound, friend?
andyjcbrite: that sounds great
andyjcbrite: besides
andyjcbrite: i have a feeling my cult members resent me
Stray10upYourGay: all the more reason to kill them.
andyjcbrite: i believe they've been plotting to kill me
Stray10upYourGay: oh my.
Stray10upYourGay: with pointy sticks? like the old days?
Stray10upYourGay: or are they goin' all high-tech?
andyjcbrite: they're high-tech
andyjcbrite: they have electric sticks
Stray10upYourGay: oh my.
Stray10upYourGay: what douche bags.
Stray10upYourGay: even abandoning the old ways.
andyjcbrite: so, dear friend. will you help me destroy my cult?
Stray10upYourGay: but of course, i will, friend of friends.
andyjcbrite: thank you very much
Stray10upYourGay: :-)
andyjcbrite: :-D
Stray10upYourGay: who does daveyboy adore with all his heart and soul?
Stray10upYourGay: the mayor's oh-so-fuckable daughter.
Stray10upYourGay: but who does daveyboy TOLERATE with all his heart and soul?
Stray10upYourGay: you, andrew. you.
andyjcbrite: thank you again. but i must go now.
andyjcbrite: i must see if the band well give me a loan
Stray10upYourGay: ...=-O
Stray10upYourGay: my heart.
andyjcbrite: to open the pool house
Stray10upYourGay: is riven.
andyjcbrite: did i say band?
Stray10upYourGay: yes.
andyjcbrite: i really meant to say bank
Stray10upYourGay: ahh...
Stray10upYourGay: i can see how one could confuse those words.
andyjcbrite: i've been have a bit too much of grandfathers cough medicine
Stray10upYourGay: yes. i've been have a bit too much of that, myself.
andyjcbrite: so long friend, i will see you soon
Stray10upYourGay: so long.
Stray10upYourGay: :-D
andyjcbrite signed off at 10:49:12 PM
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