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Radioactive Bull

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Does anyone else's feet smell like popcorn? [06 Jan 2004|09:06am]

This past Saturday, I was mowing the lawn, and this frog jumped in my path and got moiduhd by the blades.

I did a little prayer for its soul and went inside to wash my hair.
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no one posts here. [08 Oct 2003|08:54pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

and as such, I have devised a plan. "What kind of plan," you are more than likely asking yourself as you read this. Well, probably not yourself. No, you're actually probably asking me what kind of plan it is, but, you see, I cannot hear you, so your questions are in vain.

I am sorry.

Now, back to my plan. My plan will work to get the masses out there in LJ-Radioland to once again grace the archives of this wonderful community journal with their artfully-articulated quips and quoibles. Poetic sound devices rock so hard.

But, the plan. Right. My plan is as follows...

The Fabeled PlanCollapse )

I am such a genius.

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merpty. conversations can be fun. [18 Aug 2003|10:57pm]

[ mood | culty ]

cults and pool hallsCollapse )

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